Michal Dav

A female half giant 2 handed weapon fighter with red cropped hair, green eyes. She doesn't like to see innocents hurt, but if you do something bad your life is not worth much in her eyes.


Original Alignment = Chaotic Good
4th level Fighter – specialized in 2 handed weapon fighting
Deity = Gorm Worship center= Abby of Swords
Race= Half Giant
Size=M Gender= Female Age= 22 Height = 7’2" Weight= 350’ Hair= Red, cropped short Eyes= Green
(NOTES: -1 level drain applied to all stats due to resurrection)

STR 16 DEX 10 CON 16 INT 14 WIS 10 CHA 10
AC = 17 (10 + 7 Armor + 0 Dex + 0 shield Touch AC= 10 Flat Footed AC= 17
Fort= 6 ( 4 base+ 3 mod -1 negative lvl)
Reflex= 0 (1 base + 0 mod -1 negative lvl)
Will= 0 (1 base + 0 mod -1 negative lvl)

Max Hit Points = 34
Speed 30 ft. , w/ armor 20 ft.
Initiative: +0
Languages: Common, Giant, Gnoll

Base attack Bonus= 4
CMB= 7 (4 base+ 3 STR+ 1 size-1 negative lvl)
CMD= 17 (4 base+ 3 STR+ 0 Dex + 0 size+ 10)

Special Abilities:

  • Low light Vision
  • Giant Blood
  • Fire Aclimate
  • Stomp (1/day creatures standing on the ground w/in 20 ft cone burst. Reflex save (DC 11+ CHA) If fail, fall prone & take 1d4 nonlethal damange per/2 lvls (minimum 1d4) caster caster lvl =1/2 character lvl (minimum 1)
  • Shattering Strike = +1 to CMD & CMB on sunder attempts and damage rolls made against objects. +1 /4 levels.
  • Overhand Chop= Single attack w/ 2 handed weapon 2x STR bonus to damage


  • Weapon Focus Falchion
  • Close Quarter
  • Power Attack
  • Improved Unarmed attack
  • Weapon Spec Falchion
  • Armor Training: +1 to Armor Check penalty
  • Rich Parents : Start with 900 gps


  • Acrobatics -5
  • Bluff -1
  • Climb +5
  • Craft/ Blacksmith +8
  • Handle Animal =4
  • Heal -1
  • Intimidate -1
  • K/ Dunegoneering +5
  • K/ engineering +5
  • Perception -1
  • Ride +3
  • Stealth -5
  • Survival +5
  • Swim +8

Masterwork Banded mail ,1+ Dagger, Falshion, Spear,Longsword, 20 bullets- Pouch,Sling, lantern, Rough Gold Bracers (648 gps),Water skin, Backpack, Large Pouch (carries 15’), Undergarments, Hose, Lt. Cloth Cloak (in backpack), “magic” cloak, Common Tunic, Leather breeches, Belt, Soft Leather, Boots, 2x potion of enlarge person, 2 cure light potions 1 d8+5

Items in Apartment
Fine Thick Rug (64.8 gps), Cold weather Clothing


*Family: *

  • Father: Mayer Dav ( A well to do merchant in trade’s ward)
  • Mother: Leigh Dav ( personal handmaiden/bodyguard/servant to a well to do family)
  • Older Brother: Hoen Dav ( Cleric of …., looks down on his sister)
  • Younger Sister: Bess (Married to Mayer’s business partner’s son. It was an arranged marriage to protect the family business)
  • Ward: Georgie Dav: Age 14, mute girl that Micha took in as an apprenctice.

*Major Events in her life: *

  • Took her dowery and trained to be a blacksmith and fighter.
  • Captured by slavers and spent 6 months as a slave. Died during the escape attempted
  • Was resurected by her friends but it cost her 1 year of service to the Abby of Swords. She has used this arrangement to help her become closer to her God.

Personal belifes: Doesn’t care for spell casters since a stinking cloud incident. Has a deep seated hatred of slavers. If she finds out you are a slaver, she will kill you. She was worked toward not letting innocents die. When she is loyal to you she will put her life before yours but you betray her she will let you to your fate.
Recently, she has become disillusioned with her friends as of late, especially Quitus with him killing the guards. She just wants to do the job she is hired to do, and keep living to take care of Georgie. Micha’s life may not be much but she wants what is best for her ward.

Michal Dav

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